Roots of Yoga 1 & 2: INTRO

Robin Golt
11 months agoDecember 30, 2016
Enjoy this 7-minute overview of Roots of Yoga Online Course of Study, Parts 1 &2. 
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Part 3 coming in late January, 2017.
Marie Messier
11 months agoDecember 30, 2016
Mon cœur fut rempli de joie et d'amour lorsque j'ai regardé la vidéo. C'est très inspirant de voir là où tu es maintenant. Tu dégages un calme et une douceur sécurisante et en même temps on sent en toi une grande force intérieure.

Quel beau parcours Robin, merci à toi    
Jaya Jaya
Robin Golt
11 months agoDecember 31, 2016
Tu est gentil, Marie!  Happy New Year to you!!!
M. Brassard
9 months agoFebruary 27, 2017
Robin is one of the rare yoga teachers having an in depth and comprehensive knowledge of the ancient roots of yoga.  She connects the dots between our contemporary yoga practices and the India ancient texts, founders and roots of the Yogic tradition. She shares her knowledge in all simplicity, with a good sense of humor, and in plain words.  Robin's online content is a must for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of yoga. Don't miss it!
6 months agoMay 21, 2017
Thanks for your enthusiastic studentship, Monal!
Allison Ulan
6 months agoMay 20, 2017
Robin is one of the core faculty of my training program, A Balance Approach Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings. Her teaching and approach bring depth and clarity to the vast history of Yoga. She breakdowns the key concepts of the 6 main schools of Yoga so they are accessible and can enter into our daily practice immediately. I highly recommend her trainings and programs.
6 months agoMay 21, 2017
It is always a pleasure to teach in your programs, Alison.  They set a great context for the students, and train excellent teachers.  And thank-you for the thumbs-up here!
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